The Grand (60"x40") - SOLD (Commission)

Moving Forward (20"x20") - For Sale $385

Solace (6"x6") - For Sale $80

Bring Me Back (36"x36") - SOLD (Commission)

Quite the View (6"x6") - For Sale $80

The River (Diptych 40"x40" X 2) - SOLD 

Clouds Coming In (14"x11") - For Sale $130

Sunset Canyon (6"x6") - SOLD 

Solo (12"x12") - SOLD 

Ruby (6"x6") - SOLD​​​​​​​

Dreaming in Color (8"x8") - SOLD

A Colorful Colorado (20"x20") - SOLD​​​​​​​

Paddle In (6"x6") - SOLD (Commission)​​​​​​​

The Main Salmon (11"x14") - SOLD​​​​​​​

A Grand Sunset (6"x6") - SOLD​​​​​​​

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